Best Practices |Spotify

Here’s a quick guide with few best practices to support Dean Lewis on Spotify.


Back to basic

Follow Dean Lewis on Spotify and like all of his songs. Following Dean Lewis on Spotify is fundamental also from your point of you, the platform will send you an e-mail as soon as new music drops.


Once you have your Spotify account set up, remember to listen to Dean Lewis’ songs at least 10 times each day, for each songs.

If you can, stream from more than one account.


Playlists are a key element when it comes to support. When a new single is out, create a personal playlist starting from that song. Add your song to your playlist.

More important, if the song has been added to a huge playlist – New Music Friday for example – remember to stream the song FROM there and to ADD the song to your library from THAT playlist. Why? Because huge Spotify playlists are the place where people discover new music. If Spotify editors look at the stats and see that one song is doing well, they’ll keep it into the playlists.


Spotify counts the listening of the first 30 seconds as a stream. Remember not to put the volume on mute, keep the volume always up.