Dean Lewis announces new single “Used to Love” with Martin Garrix

On Friday 13th, Dean Lewis announced a new single coming out at the end of October with Martin Garrix, “Used to Love”.

In June Garrix and Lewis worked together in Amsterdam during Martin’s recovery of an injury he had suffered.

During the fifth anniversary of Lollapalooza Berlin, Martin Garrix announced that he and Dean Lewis will release a brand new single ‘Used To Love’ by the end of October. Over the last two months Martin and Dean spent many hours together creating new music in Amsterdam.

Martin Garrix: “This track was made during my break while I was recovering from my ankle injury. Dean and I are super excited to share it with the world!”

Songwriter Bonn, who worked with Garrix on many tracks, and Albin Nedler also worked on the song.

Here you can find Dean’ post announcing the single