Flyers & Stickers

It may seems pretty old school, but flyers and stickers get directly to the general audience.

You can get creative and design your own flyer, print some copies and hand them out in your city! Beware that sometimes you may need the authorization from authorities to do that so either you get it or you be careful.

That being said, one thing you should not forget in your flyer is the Spotify code to the latest single or Dean Lewis’ account. The code will lead you directly to the song or the account, so it’s even easier to listen to his music.

You can hand flyers out outside schools, concerts or event where you know lot of people will be. The same goes with the stickers: if you stick them at the bus stop for example, or near the tube, or near school, music shops or university, you’ll have more chances that they will actually work.

Here you can find some flyers we’ve made:

You can take those as example and make them as pretty as you like. If you wanna share your creation, we’ll upload theme here.

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