Supporting “7 minutes” at ARIAs

As we all know by know, “7 minutes” has been nominated as Song of The Year at ARIA Awards. Read more to find out how we can support Dean.

According to the rules, only people fromAustralia can cast their vote for the ARIA Awards.

Aussie Baby Cloobs Support

For the Aussies Baby Clooobs I’ve prepared those flyers that could be printed and handed out or just left in letter box. There’s no need to print one for a page, even four on one page could work. So for example, you’ll put four flyers in one A4 paper, print around 20 of them and you’ll have 80 flyers ready. Please use recycled paper if possible. You’ll find flyers at the end of the article.

International support

• International fans can still try to vote changing the VPN, which is the thing that “localize” your computer. Changing with HOLA extension for Chrome, for example, you’ll tell the internet that you are in Australia.

• This could be an idea, but what we can actually do online is trying to reach as many Australians as possible with meme, images, videos, anything we can think of. Just make sure you’ll put an Aussie location as the one for your post, so that people that actually live in Australia could see your post. Another hint is to use hashtags that Australia could probably use.

Once again, everyone is a fan in their own way. If you wanna design your own flyers PLEASE DO, if you wanna design and share, I’ll post them here. If you have done a post about it, I’ll add it here. Feel free to do whatever you want and can.


Here are my flyers

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