OHCorner – Anne

In the OHC Corner every Sweet Baby Clooob has the chance to share her/his experience at a Dean Lewis show, or a Dean Lewis meeting, or everything Dean Lewis related. This time it’s Anne’ turn.


Dean Lewis

So this was my experience/first time! I saw Dean Lewis! Live on February 23 of 2019. 

So basically it’ll be a little story too! So after listening to his music for 7 weeks I saw that he was coming to my city! And I’m like: “I HAVE TO GET TICKETS!” But tickets have been on sale for a while now.  And when we got to the box office… they were ALL GONE!/SOLD OUT! 
I was bummed out. So on the day of the concert, my brother told me to get ready and it was around 11:00 am. So I got ready. We went for lunch and after that a few stores and then. We passed the venue! And I was like: awe that concert is happening tonight.”
Oh well, and so then my brother parked. It was around 4:00 PM. 

And so then we were walking down the street again in front of the Venue and then I kept on walking but my brother completely stopped and I was like: “what are you doing? Its sold out?” He then pulled out two tickets and said: “Well plans for tonight have changed!”

I literally screamed of Excitement that people around me noticed what was happening and started to cheer for being a good brother!
But then once we got in I just couldn’t stop smiling!
My experience was amazing! The other fans were so sweet!. And the concert was just about incredible! I met loads of people that night! But didn’t met dean on that night! But it was still amazing!!!