Triple J’ Hottest 100 – Support

Dean Lewis has been nominated for the “Triple J’ Hottest 100”, here’s how you can support him!

What’s the Triple J’ Hottest 100, according to our Lord and Saviour… Wikipedia

The Triple J Hottest 100 is an annual music listener poll hosted by the government-funded, national Australian radio station, Triple J. The public is invited to vote for their favourite Australian and alternative music of the year, in an online poll conducted two weeks prior to the new year.


Go here: and vote for all of his songs, don’t forget to choose “7 Minutes” as hottest song of the year. You can vote until January 20th.


Convince one person to vote for Dean Lewis each day until the end of the voting period and post your evidence of voting on Instagram. Just one person, each day.


Thanks to Cheyena, we can set up a What’s App group, or a Instagram group where each time that one of Dean’ songs is on air, we all text the radio saying something like: “Dean has done so well this year, cannot wait to see him ace this years hottest 100 as well! Shoutout to the Orange Heart Club for voting, now let’s keep it going!! – Cheyena from Penrith NSW”
This helps in order to be read by the speakers and get more listeners to vote for Dean.

This is the number: +610439757555


Show that you voted for Dean Lewis at the Triple J’ Hottest 100. How? Show your face (or something else of yours if you are shy).

Post this stories on your Instagram Stories and add your photo in the circle. Don’t forget to tag Dean and Triple J.


If you want to print this and hand some copies around, the QR code will take people to the site where they can vote.