Triple J’ Hottest 100 – Support 2.0

As we all know by now, Dean has been nominated for Triple J’ Hottest 100. Here’s how you can support him.


Go here: and vote for all of his songs, don’t forget to choose “7 Minutes” as hottest song of the year. You can vote until January 20th.


Send a text to Triple J to request one of the Dean’ songs everyday from
Sydney time: 6PM / 9PM
European time: 8AM / 11AM
Houston time: 1AM / 4AM
Los Angeles time: 11PM / 2AM
In the text don’t forget to mention that Dean’ song has your vote in the Triple J’ Hottest 100.
If you want to do this with other Baby Clooobs, you can join the Facebook Messenger Chat. Ask to Orange Heart Club Italy or Cheyena Lee.

This is the number: +610439757555


Write a DM to Bridget Hustwaite,, one of the DJs at Triple J. Tell her the story behind your number one vote of Triple J’ Hottest 100. The goal is to make her read your DM, in order to make her talk about Dean and play one of his songs.

Guest selector

Propose your self to be the next “Guest Selector”! Fill the form: choosing different songs, not only Dean’ songs. You could be the next selector on Triple J and have the chance to talk about Dean Lewis on radio!


Convince one person to vote for Dean Lewis each day until the end of the voting period and post your evidence of voting on Instagram. Just one person, each day.

Post your vote WITH #hottest100, #triplejhottest100, #triplej

If you haven’t done it yet, post your vote on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #hottest100, #triplejhottest100 and #triplej in order to inspire others to do the same.


If you want to print this and hand some copies around, the QR code will take people to the site where they can vote.