We’ve started to get familiar with the Editor’s World on our previous article, now let’s ask them some questions about them and their passion!

I’ve interviewed few of them. Let’s give a huge thanks to: Vivi – deanlewismusiic, Daniella – multifandomtings, Viki – deans.moment, Lena – deanlewisgermany, Alicia – glowy.mp3, Isa – orangehartclob.

Question: How did you start editing? 

Vivi: “I started editing because I saw a few video edits and I was like “Woah, I wanna do that too!” and then my edits developed after a time.”

Daniella: “Back in 2017 when Musically was still a thing, edits and normal musicallys dominated the app. I watched a lotta edits and I’m like this seems cool, I want to try it out. So I asked some of the creators what apps they use, etc. I started in Cute Cut, my edits were really bad… oh and I had also had my fan account for quite a while, but I had mostly posted Shawn Mendes and Martinez twins content. When I got more into editing, I saw a lot of editors used video star. So I did my research and asked questions, and then I finally got it! Now here I am.”

Viki: “I started editing almost two years ago when I first started my fan page for Shawn Mendes and I haven’t stopped since then. There weren’t a lot of editors back to then, but I just really liked the idea of creating something on my own and like give it a meaning.”

Lena: “When I started this fan-page I didn’t know what I wanted to post, but then I saw other Dean edits and thought “maybe I can do this too”.”

Alicia: “I don’t know how I started editing but I think I saw other edits and thought it would be funny if I do it too so yeah.”

Isa: “So I started editing because I wanted to support the people I love and I thought this would be a cool thing to do.”

Question: What does inspire you for your editing?

Vivi: “There are many inspiring things, sometimes when I watch a movie or listen to a song, when I see good edits or when I am outside and just see the nature and stuff.”

Daniella: “I get motivation from all you guys and Dean cause I really love him. Like if I do make an edit of someone else I find it hard to finish but when it’s Dean I finish easily cause I love him. And I know he might see it too so yeah.”

Viki: “I really get inspired by other editors and by just watching interviews or other videos.”

Lena: “I have no idea where my inspiration comes from… sometimes I see or hear something and then an idea just comes up.”

Isa: “Mostly other edits are what inspires me, or I watch any kind of show, video or interview thinking, I could make an edit to that scene/feeling whatever.”

Question: Do you think this can become your profession in the future? Or is it just an hobby?

Vivi: “It would be amazing if it would be my profession for future, but I think I need a lot more practice, but still I think it will stay a hobby”

Daniella: “I think editing like fan edits, I’ll still continue as a hobby after I finish school, but I think I’ll move on to a higher grade of editing, like in the film industry and stuff because I do Photography/Digital Media as an elective and I’m doing really well in my class and it’s something I enjoy so I think I will do that.”

Isa: “I do think it could be my profession in the future but I’m only in 9th grade so I don’t really know yet.”

VikiLena, and Alicia: “For us, it‘s just a hobby and I really love to do it in my free time.”

Question: Is there a kind of edit that you like most?

Vivi: “To be honest I‘m so fascinated by 3D edits, I think it is amazing, but still there isn’t really a kind of edit I like the most.”

Daniella: ” I mostly make soft edits and I think I’m really good at them, and I love doing them because it makes me feel happy, seeing my idols smiling and laughing. It makes me feel happy and as I’m making it, it distracts me from my sad reality and everything around me.”

Viki: “I love sad edits, because they always make me feel something whether it’s good or bad.”

Alicia: “I personally love soft/cute edits and I think sad ones too.”

Isa: “I loooove soft edits because I just think they’re soo cute and dean is a softie so yeah.”

Question: How long have you been fan of Dean?

Vivi: “I‘m a real fan since April 2019 but I have discovered him earlier, when be alright was released, I just haven’t listened to another song than Be Alright.”

Viki: “I think I became a fan in April 2019.”

Lena: “I’m a fan of Dean since summer/autumn 2019, but I knew the song ‘Be Alright’ earlier because it was so often played on the radio.”

Alicia: “ahhh I think a bit more than a year maybe one year and a half but I’m not sure.”

Isa: “I’ve been a fan of dean since the beginning of 2019 but I’ve known him before.”

Daniella: “So in 2016 was the first time I heard “Waves”. It was on like “Australia’s Got Talent” or something like that. I really liked the melody and I thought it was a pretty song. I tried to find it EVERYWHERE but I didn’t know the name or artist. So I never found it. Then, in 2017, everyone at my school was talking about how good “Riverdale” is and some of my friends convinced me to go watch it. I didn’t want to, but eventually, I gave in. Towards the end of the first season, that scene where Jughead leaves home, they played the song “Waves” in the background. They also put the name and artist of the song and I was soooo happy I FINALLY found it, then I got OBSESSED with the song. I never finished watching Riverdale. 

Anyway then in 2018, I was still obsessed with the song. One time in class, our teacher let us use our phones to listen to music, so I pressed play on my playlist on Spotify, and after a few songs, Waves started playing through my earphones. I asked my friend what she was listening to, and she showed me her phone. It said “Be Alright” by Dean Lewis. Oh also I forgot to say this was the time that the song was really popular and everyone in my grade knew it, and it played in the radio on our bus once and EVERYONE was singing to it, but that was before I knew the lyrics tho so I didn’t understand… IF I DID, that moment would’ve been beautiful. So when I read that I recognized the name. Then I checked my phone, which said Waves by Dean Lewis. And I said to her “OMG I’m listening to him right now” and she’s like “what song?” And I said “Waves” and she’s like “ohh” and then she said “you should listen to Be Alright it’s so good” so since she’s a sporty person I sorta didn’t want to listen to it cause she seems like the type of girl who listens to rap. Cause I hate rap music but then cause I didn’t have data, I listened to it at home and I had the lyrics up so I could understand. I realized it was a sad/heartbreak song and I was thinking “why would someone like her listen to this?” but then anyway I got OBSESSED with that song, but I never really did any research about him so I still didn’t know who he was or what he looked like. But then in 2019, when I discovered more of his songs, and who he was… I was SO shocked that he was from Sydney, Australia, the same as me, then I started to stan him. I wasn’t like overly obsessed with him and I still didn’t know about this clob ya know. I was still obsessed with Shawn Mendes at the time so yeah. After Senorita came out, I LOST it. I was really upset, so the other musician I could fall back into was Dean. And I thought it was about time that I did full research and check his Instagram and stuff. I also started editing him, cause I noticed he was so active with his fans which I found unusual but cool. And then I started editing him too. And NOW, I’m obsessed and I hope I never stop loving Dean. That was how I joined this amazing family.”