How did you become a Dean Lewis fan? Ep. 1

How did you discover Dean Lewis? How did you become his fan?

Every week we’re gonna read the stories of Sweet Baby Clooobs from all over the world about how they joined the Orange Heart Clooob!

In today’s episode read the story of deanlewismylove, Mascha from Germany.

“At the end of 2017, his song “Waves” was played on a tv show, I really liked and I fell in love with the song and listened to it all the time but I didn’t know who he was then.
When “Be Alright” came out I was obsessed with that song and I realised it was from “the Waves guy” haha.
So I started to listen to more of his songs and I realised he was really good and got more and more obsessed with him.
And yeah that’s basically it, now I can’t imagine a life without his music.”

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