How did you become a Dean Lewis fan? Ep. 3

How did you discover Dean Lewis? How did you become his fan?

Every week we’re gonna read the stories of Sweet Baby Clooobs from all over the world about how they joined the Orange Heart Clooob!
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In today’s episode read the story of Petra, from United States.

“My name is Petra Graham and this is my Orange Heart Club Story!🧡

I became a member of the Orange Heart Club really randomly and quickly. In truth it was actually at a time of a lot of sadness in my life. 

So in early May of 2019 I was working with a lady, who I had known for many years, as her in home companion. This lady had early onset Alzheimer’s, which meant that even though she was only in her early 50s, her body was shutting down and she could no longer talk, feed herself, or do normal day activities. This job was particularly hard because I had a front row seat to watch this lady deteriorate and her family try to cope with the gradual loss of a loved one. 

Now I will tell you what any of this has to do with Dean.

So on a day in early to mid May 2019, as I was leaving the house of the lady I was working with, I got in my car and the radio was playing. That day I had arrived to a tragic scene where this lady had just had a seizure and was doing really bad. All of her adult children where there and so was this lady’s mother. 

Thinking about that day is going to make me cry, because that day was the last day I was to see her alive. 

I got in my car that day an emotional wreck and out of nowhere “Be Alright” started playing. Even though the song topic didn’t directly correlate with what I was going through, the words still spoke to me and helped me. (Ahhhh, I’m trying not to cry!)

Anyway, that day I got home and jumped on the computer to look up who this Dean Lewis guy was and how I could learn more. I watched Dean on Ellen, all his random video, and followed him on Instagram. Before that day ended I had bought all of his songs on iTunes and was looking at dates for his concerts. I instantly became part of the Orange Heart Club! I even spent 3 months trying to convince my father to let me go to Deans concert.

Ultimately, I was able to go to the concert at the Wiltern in LA, I even got to meet him back stage with my brothers who came to the concert with me! 

It was after these great experiences that I decided to create a fan account on instagram that I called @deanlewismusic_love ! Other accounts like @deanlewisinteractions and @orangeheartclubitaly were so helpful and supportive! 

Thanks to Dean, his music, and his fans there is really a community that is welcoming and supportive! 

 Love, Petra Graham