How did you become a Dean Lewis fan? Ep. 4

How did you discover Dean Lewis? How did you become his fan?

Every week we’re gonna read the stories of Sweet Baby Clooobs from all over the world about how they joined the Orange Heart Clooob!
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In today’s episode read the story of Daphne, from Belgium.

“Ok, I discovered Dean in the summer of 2018. My best friend and I had an argument/fight.

He is very stubborn and we didn’t talk for more than 2 months.

At a certain day I was in a very sad mood and listened to “Be Alright” for 8 hours non stop!

I still wasn’t tired of the song and the voice behind it. So I decided to look him up.

I ordered my tickets to see him a few months later and the rest is history 😉😊🧡”