How did you become a Dean Lewis fan? Ep. 6

How did you discover Dean Lewis? How did you become his fan?

Every week we’re gonna read the stories of Sweet Baby Clooobs from all over the world about how they joined the Orange Heart Clooob!
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In today’s episode read the story of Gerda, from the Netherlands, Christy, from the USA, and Shelly, from Australia.


“I became a fan in December 2018 after hearing “Be Alright”, so first the music and then got to know Dean Lewis. I bought his album and later “Same kind of Different”, and when “Used to Love” was there, acoustic and normal, ohhh so gooood. I like his character and his accent and mostly his beautiful voice.”


“I became a fan after hearing “Be Alright”. I received a call that my husband fell and was on his way to the ER. He fell so hard he lost feeling in his legs for a period of time. My daughter and I jumped in the car to immediately race up to get to him. It was snowing and the roads were icy. We had a good hour drive. I started to cry then “Be Alright” came over the radio. I immediately calmed down. We sang the song over and over out loud. My daughter and I are forever fans of Dean Lewis. 🧡🧡🧡”


“My niece Tiana got me to listen to Dean Lewis’ music. Dean even rewrote a note or two into “Waves” which was the last song played as we said good-bye to her. Love all his music especially Waves.”

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