How did you become a Dean Lewis fan? Ep. 7

How did you discover Dean Lewis? How did you become his fan?

Every week we’re gonna read the stories of Sweet Baby Clooobs from all over the world about how they joined the Orange Heart Clooob!
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In today’s episode read the story of Fabienne, from the Switzerland, Mary and Juliette, from the USA.


“It’s so unspectacular haha. That day “Be Alright” came out, I listened to New Music Friday’s playlist and Dean came on and I fell in love. I bought immediately the tickets for his tour and fell even more in love, the first time I met him.”


“In 2018 I was following Scott Helman on Instagram and Dean Lewis would comment on all of his posts. I started following him and his stories were always so funny. I thought he was really cool then I started listening to his music and I loved it. I always loved how he would respond to his fans in the comments.”


“”Be Alright” popped up on one of my Spotify lists way before it came popular here in America and I decided to check out some of Dean’s other songs and immediately fell in love and I started learning all of his songs on guitar. I got my mom to fall in love with Dean too and now he’s one of her favourite people. About ten months after I discovered Dean I went to his concert at House of Blues in New Orleans and it made me even more obsessed and it was definitely the best concert I’ve ever been to and I love him.”

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