[NEWS] Dean Lewis is spilling some tea on his new album

November 20th – Dean Lewis has taken Instagram by storm and spilled some tea on his sophomore album!

Dean Lewis keeps on teasing.

The Australian singer-songwriter, who last year won two ARIA Awards for his debut album “A Place We Knew” keeps on teasing his fans.

After a whole year spent between Los Angeles and lately Australia, he started spilling some hot tea on his sophomore album.

We don’t know if the smashing hit “Pasta for dinner” will be included in the tracklist… you might remember it from one of his Instagram posts.

Here’s what he said:

Dean Lewis on his Instagram stories

Guys the new songs are really good!!! I’m serious!!!

Okay, Dean… we are listening.

Dean Lewis on his Instagram stories

For instance if you liked my last album, imagine that but 2 x as good! Honestly I’m so pumped! I’m shaking x

Friendly reminder that his album went straight to number one in many countries.

The album has been certified double platinum in Australia and Norway, Platinum in Malaysia, Gold in Canada and Silver in the U.K. AND has been awarded as Album of the Year at the ARIA Awards 2019. We can definitely affirm that our expectations are high now…

Dean Lewis ARIA Awards
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – NOVEMBER 27: Dean Lewis poses in the awards room with an ARIA for Album of The Year during the 33rd Annual ARIA Awards 2019 at The Star on November 27, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

The tea started to get even hotter when he gave away a few hints about some songs.

Dean Lewis on his Instagram stories

And I’m just gonna say it…

And after this start you expect a short sentence where he doesn’t give to much away… but instead here’s what we get to know.

Dean Lewis on his Instagram stories

And I’m just gonna say it I wrote and have already recorded the best song I’ll ever write. I know I’ll never beat it. I’m not sure when it’s coming, I wrote it 6 months ago, and we recorded the entire process of the recording of the song. It’s both the most meaningful and realist thing I’ve ever written. I won’t ever beat it. Peaked after this one, but it’s ok because If a bird flies into my throat and I can’t sing cause it hits my vocal chords, it won’t matter because I wrote my best song and that’s all that matters! And it’s gonna reach into your heart and make you feel something! You’ll know when you hear it! Also there is this insanely catchy song I wrote which makes everyone want to dance, which is a good sign cause I don’t do “hot” songs – also I have one where the vocal is so intense I tried to re record it but couldn’t even get close to capturing the emotion I felt at the time! Also there’s a beautiful love song I wrote which is like a wedding song which could be a single but probably won’t be because the other songs r too good I’m shaking

That is a lot to process. Right?

So, so far in Dean Lewis new album we have:

  • The best song he has ever written
  • Catchy song (he talked about this one earlier this year)
  • A wedding song
  • Tumble

Fine, he didn’t actually say that the amazing Tumble will be in it. For those of you who are not familiar with this tune, it’s a song that Dean used to play a lot in shows before his album was released.

We only have a live version of it and everyone in the fandom is hoping to finally get a recording clean on of this incredible tune.

You might think that after saying this much he would just stop… think again.

Dean Lewis on his Instagram stories

And everyone on my team is so excited we are trying to figure out the order, which is good because usually you only have one great tune and a bunch of pretty good tunes! But I feel like there’s slightly more great than Pretty good – and I’m my own biggest critic! So that’s a good sign isn’t it? Also everyone’s super excited and no ones saying “we need another big tune” it’s like which one do we choose but not in an arrogant way just in a genuine real way where the songs mean a lot and r catchy and we r so pumped

Another good sign, Dean Lewis two will be a no skipping album!

And when asked the most important question of them all – when we can expect something new – he answered “Soon-ish”

So, apparently the tea is getting hotter. Are you guys excited?

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