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January 15th, 2021 – Dean Lewis is already blessing 2021 with more videos from his show at the Forum Melbourne ready to be uploaded on his YouTube Channel.

Dean Lewis has surprised everyone with the upload of the live version of “Half a Man” on his YouTube channel, earlier today.

His fans were pleased and surprised to see new content, even if it’s just a recording from a sold-out show.

Later that day he took Instagram to explain the “master plan”.

Dean Lewis on his Instagram account

It’s been over a year since I’ve played a show!!! Which is so weird because I was playing 4-5 shows a week for 2 years straight!!! Over the next few weeks (as we ramp up to something exciting 😅) I’m going to be posting a different new performance from my show at the forum in Melbourne! Back when my hair was slightly cooler and I had that cool long sleeve shirt that I lost and miss so much. The first performance of “half a man” just went up on YouTube. I always felt a lot emotion playing this song live, as you can see in this video – my hands and voice shake a little as I bring up those feelings that really sit just below the surface. Hope you feel it too. I’m going to talk a little more about the writing of the song and how it came together in my story. The link is in the bio 🧡

The setlist of the show, courtesy of, was the following:

Hold of Me
Need You Now
A Place We Knew
Stay Awake
Lose My Mind
Half a Man
Time to Go
Don’t Hold Me
Be Alright
When You Were Young (The Killers cover)
7 Minutes
For the Last Time
Straight Back Down

“Straight Back Down”, “Stay Awake” and “Waves”‘ live versions have already been uploaded on YouTube and added to the playlist you can find below.

Unnecessary theories

It has not been specified if the fans are getting new content each week, or more than one content each week and if the full setlist will be uploaded.
What is sure is that all of this is in preparation for something new that’s coming, and it’s coming pretty soon.

Assuming the plan is to post the full set of the show, with one song each week, we have to wait only 10 weeks (11 if they will upload also The Killers cover).
This will lead us to the week of March 22nd 2021, exactly two years after the release of his lucky debut album.
Or sooner if he’s going to post a new song each day, or more than one song each week. But at the latest, we will have something new in March 2021. Isn’t it exciting?

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The author trying to calculate when new music will drop

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Enjoy the “Chemicals” video!

Enjoy the “Hold of Me” video!

Enjoy the “Don’t Hold Me” video!

Enjoy the “When You Were Young” video!

Enjoy the “7 Minutes” video!

Enjoy the “Lose My Mind” video!

Enjoy the “Be Alright” video!