Let’s make “Falling Up” a TikTok trend

March 6th – Sweet Baby Clooobs have a mission: try to make “Falling Up” a TikTok Trend.

A new interesting challenge for the Dean Lewis’ fans.

Go on Tik-Tok and use the OFFICIAL “Falling Upsound and show any kind of achievement.

It does not have to be big, huge or small, or medium, it has to be whatever you like. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable you don’t have to show your face. Be creative.

The goal is to make the song go as far as possible.

If you can, post the video on the Instagram Reels as well. Make sure to use the OFFICIAL sound.

Huge shout out to the person who came up with this idea.

Dean Lewis’ fans already started to post their videos:


@deanlewis thank youuuuu so much for this song #deanlewis #deanlewismusic #fallingup #davidsheeran @deanlewisscotland @orangeheartclubitaly

♬ Falling Up – Dean Lewis

let’s make this a trend #deanlewis #deanlewismusic #fallingup #achievement #trend @deanlewis @orangeheartclubitaly

♬ Falling Up – Dean Lewis

But that’s not all! Fans also used this sound as a way to express their feelings and their love for Dean Lewis!


I still haven’t recovered from be alright@deanlewis #fallingup #deanlewis #fyp #crytosong

♬ Falling Up – Dean Lewis

currently in my empty bedroom since the movers took my bedroom set to charlotte #deanlewis #music #mentalhealth but please watch this!

♬ Falling Up – Dean Lewis

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