Dean Lewis – Live & Unplugged

March 24th, 2021 – One night only with Dean Lewis!

Off the back of his recent single ‘Falling Up’, Dean Lewis has announced that he and his band will be doing a live and unplugged global livestream next month.

The virtual event will take place on Friday, 30th April, with the ticketed event being presented by premium digital live platform Moment House. He and his band will be streaming live from an undisclosed location in Sydney and will go for about 45 minutes.

He has noted that the acoustic set will include performances of songs like ‘Waves’, ‘Be Alright’ and the world premiere live performance of ‘Falling Up’.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Friday, 26th March) at 8AM via Moment House.

While spending the summer at home in Australia and out of the public eye, it’s been a busy few months for the Australian singer, songwriter Dean Lewis. In late January, the Island Records AU artist was awarded a 10x Platinum sales disc for Be Alright, the lead single & global hit from his 2019 debut album A Place We Knew. Falling Up, the lead single and video from Lewis’ hotly anticipated second album, was released earlier this month.

However, all the while Dean has been looking forward to getting back on the road and performing for his fans around the world in the post COVID era.

Emotive, impactful, relatable & impossible to forget, it’s a masterclass in what the songwriter does best: connect. In writing Falling Up, Lewis keyed into lifelong feelings of frustration & anxiety. “I always thought I’d be happy when I finished school or when I passed an exam, or I got a job or a promotion or if I went traveling & then I was like– ooh, now I have a record deal, what if I have a big song?

Then I had a big song & I was on the road for three years & when I stopped, I realised it had all passed me by & I was less present, more anxious & stressed than ever. I looked back on my life & at all of these points along the way & I realized that I’ve never felt any better, it’s always been onto the next thing, always moving.”

Get your tickets here:

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These the prizes:

Ticket Only €14.11

Barely Breathing Tee + Ticket – €39.76

Doodle Longsleeve + Ticket – €48.31

Add ons

Dean Lewis Meet & Greet – €85.50

1-on-1 session on May 2nd, 2021

between 1:00pm ‑ 2:15pm CEST

Meet and Greet includes a 1-minute session with Dean Lewis with your desktop device.

Afterparty: Europe + UK + Africa – €8.55

Q + A with Dean following his Moment, ask your questions after checking out!

April 30th, 2021 – 7:45pm ‑ 8:05pm CEST

download fan-ticket & fan-pass

I’ve created these fan tickets and fan-pass to download and print to have a tangible memorabilia of the event.

Disclaimer: to join the event you NEED to purchase the actual ticket, the following are just graphics created for the fans.

Download the file and print it.
For the tickets, the graphic is for both sides of the paper, you wanna glue them together.

Preview of one of the tickets:

Dean Lewis Live and Unplugged

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