Dean Lewis – April dates

April 11th – April got packed with appointments for Dean Lewis fans! Find out more.

Wow, we’ve got a packed April with three super exciting stuff happening.

Here what’s going on.

april 15th – Dean Lewis as musical guest at The Ellen DeGeneres show

Yes, you’ve read that right.

Dean Lewis will be back at the Ellen Degeneres Show on April 15th!

After having performed “Be Alright” in 2019, Dean Lewis is back with his newest single “Falling Up”.

The Ellen Degeneres show is mainly aired in the US, BUT there are some international tv channel that airs it as well.

Los AngelesKNBC43:00 PM
New YorkWNBC43:00 PM

Check out HERE for more.

In the meantime, enjoy the “Be Alright” performance.

UPDATED with Falling Up performance!

april 24th – Dean lewis performing at the music from the home front event

Dean Lewis is performing at the Music From The Home Front on April 24th!

His performance will be live-streamed from a special location and aired on Channel 9 & 9now (7:30pm) for Australian people and on YouTube (7:30pm AEST) for International audience.

Time zone for International fans
April 24th – 7:30PM AEST
April 24th – 5:30AM EST
April 24th – 2:30AM PST
April 24th – 3:30AM MDT
April 24th – 11:30AM CEST
April 24th – 6:30PM KST

While we wait for his performance, let’s rewatch the one he did last year from his home in Los Angeles of “Be Alright”.

april 30th – Dean lewis live and unplugged

We all know well that on April 30th Dean Lewis will stream his first live and unplugged show on Moment House.

More details and tickets HERE