Dean Lewis Show starts now!

April 30th – Dean Lewis has his own show, on YouTube!

Ahead of his Live & Unplugged show, Dean Lewis has released the first episode of the “Dean Lewis Episodes“.

It’s has been not revealed how many episodes we can expect from this YouTube series…

Will it take us to the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album?

Will, it always be available for free or the following episodes will be available for Premium users only? 

Are we still having the documentary about “Falling Up”?

Are we waiting for weekly or monthly or daily episodes?

So many questions… so many glances unexplained.

For now, fans can now enjoy the first episode, where he takes us in the rehearsals from his Live & Unplugged show, which happened on April 30th on the platform Moment House.

Enjoy the first episode on YouTube and make sure to have your notifications ON!

A new episode has been uploaded on June 10th, check it out!