“Falling Up” – Piano Acoustic is out NOW!

May 14th – Dean Lewis gave us the piano acoustic of his latest single “Falling Up”. Check it out.

Dean Lewis took Instagram on May 13th announcing the Piano Acoustic version of his latest single “Falling Up”. Here’s what he said:

Dean Lewis on Instagram

I always get asked to release acoustic versions of my songs – so I did an official piano acoustic version of falling up which is out the usual time on Friday 😭 I always spend a lot of time reworking these versions to make them special and different! We did a little music video for it too! Looking forward to the inevitable “I like it better” comments that I both LOVE and hate and laugh at!!!! Also I managed to sing this acoustic version in the same key as the official version which is so high I could only get through it once!!! See you at midnight tonight!! 🥺

Filmed at the State Theatre Sydney, Australia.

Dir : Bradley Murnane
DP: Billy Zammit
1AC: Paul Hoad
Gaffer: Matt Hopkins
BTS: Jared Leibowitz