Orange Heart Club

Welcome to the Orange Heart Club.

The Orange Heart Club is the fan-club of Dean Lewis.

It all started when THE man had to decide on the color for his brand. He thought about what color exactly would fit him best. What color was less used by somebody else? What color could make his brand stand out?

He choose orange. Not just any kind of orange but he chose a pale pastel almost peachy kind of orange. The kind of orange that hugs you during the sunrise and makes you feel at home.

So he had the color… what symbol could represent him? What emoji could he use to make it easier to answer to the growing amount of fans? Simple…he started to use the orange heart emoji to answer to his lovely fans.

That’s how the Orange Heart Club was born.

A place where you can always find Dean’s music and instantly feel welcomed and at home.

Because Dean Lewis music is our home.


Falling Up – Flyers

Print out some flyers and spread the word about Falling Up by Dean Lewis


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